1. Beginner to pro
  2. 2 hours per day
  3. weekly three classes
  4. 2 Months duration
  5. Lifetime guidance
  6. hands on projects
  7. Learn at your own place
  8. Certificate of completion

We are out there to help you...

What you'll learn?

  • Understanding the concepts of document object model and browser object model
  • Understand the fundamentals of web development
  • Markups with CSS properties and its attributes
  • Comprehensive understanding in different layout issues
  • Optimization techniques for images and search engines
  • A beautiful adjustable layout for different screen sizes
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The beautiful layout will change your immagination

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Who is this for?

Anyone with being passionate to learn computer languages and different technologies to customise the living for the better lifestyle.

All the necessary concepts covered

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Topic Overview :

  1. Introduction
  2. Exploring Chrome developer tools
  3. HTML Tags
  4. Font's families
  5. Video and audio
  6. Images
  7. Tables
  8. Hyperlinks
  9. Containers and box model
  10. Types of elements
  11. Introduction to CSS
  12. Layout
  13. Creating accessible forms
  14. Style the markups with CSS properties and its attributes
  15. SEO techniques to improve performance

Hands on projects will enhance your designning ability

A certificate  achievement

Projects includes...

  1. An ultimate homepage for your educational institution
  2. A beautiful banking website
  3. An e-commerce website
  4. Accessible user data form creation

No pre knowledge required for learnning

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  1. Minimum 10 years old
  2. No prior knowledge in coding
  3. No advanced mathematical skills
  4. Basic computer operational skills
  5. A laptop or desktop computer with good internet connection