java ultimate


  1. Beginner to pro
  2. 2 hours per day
  3. Weekly three classes
  4. 4 Months duration
  5. Lifetime guidance
  6. Hands on projects
  7. Learn at your own place
  8. Certificate of completion

Who is this for…?

Wanting to become a pro software developer from the scratch for the automated functions in the competitive world and to build a responsive, beautiful and interactive pages that helps to grow the business faster than the existing design.


key highlights

  1. Build Portfolio with Projects
  2. Designed for Students & Working Professionals
  3. Master the fundamentals of Java programming
  4. Dive into advanced Java concepts such as generics, lambda expressions, and functional programming
  5. Learn object-oriented programming (OOP) principles and apply them in Java
  6. Master Java concepts essential for web and mobile development
  7. Write clean code like a pro

topic overview

  1. Variables and data types
  2. Operators ( logical & arithmetic )
  3. Conditional statements (If & Switch)
  4. Arrays: Single-Dimensional and Multidimensional
  5. Functions and Modularity
  6. Functions with numerous algorithms
  7. Abstractions
  8. Inheritance
  9. Static polymorphism

Projects included


  1. Minimum 10 years old
  2. No prior knowledge in coding
  3. No advanced mathematical skills
  4. Basic computer operational skills
  5. A laptop or desktop computer with good internet connection
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