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We try to enhance your potentials with proper identification of life skills that are essential for living not for surviving in the future.


Teaches you the necessary skills of web designing’s with object oriented concepts in HTML & CSS



Learn about all the essential JAVA classes with examples to become professional developer.



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About EduKarniya Academy


We come up with innovative ideas for better education system because the entire human life depends on ground education either academically or culturally.

Live-Course Content

All the classroom recordings will be available for the best understanding.


We work ultimately through your pattern of thinking and your subconscious to make you better than this present. The content which we learn in this world should be useful & powerful to shape our life.

Course Curriculum

Each course will let you know about the basic ideas behind that concept for the practical life. All the materials will be dealt elaborately and be liberate to make you think as professional.

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Why should we learn...?

We spend most of our time in education up to the age of 25 maximum. But, most of our efforts become waste still. 12 years of school education and minimum 3 years of under graduation teach you nothing. It simply sucks our money and make us to be repetitive for the survival lifestyle. Think about a company. If a company pays minimum salary of Rs, 80000 to its employees, then how much the company should earn per month.

The entire education system eventually makes a human to be survival permanently. Most of our parents are being suffered a lot without proper skill set to meet the basic financial needs. then, what is the primary difference between you and your parents? They work under someone with lots of depressions & embarrassments. Eventually, we will also become the same until we realise ourself.


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The best learning always starst with self-realization and awareness. Innovative ideas have it's own stage in the world forever. Being creative will bring money, health, relationships and understanding the purpose of life casually.

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